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Advanced Maintenance And Janitorial Services also offer residential cleaning one time or regular basis, move out cleaning, even if you only need just a small specific cleaning  we can adjust to you budget, expectives and needs.

Our Different Services Include

Standard Cleaning

What Is Included In Your Standard Cleaning Service?

In the standard cleaning service we offer surface cleaning in the bedrooms, including dusting and vacuuming. We help clean your bathrooms, including toilets, sink, shower, floors, mirrors and tub. In the kitchen we clean the counters, floors, wipe down the fridge, microwave, toaster, stove, and other appliances.

Give us a call to make and appointment and together we can  build a custom cleaning plan for you,  e are very flexible and we will work with your special needs to develop the perfect cleaning routine like:


General Cleaning

  • Wipe door knobs and handles
  • Dust Off Blinds
  • Clean light
  • Dust and remove cobwebs
  • Dust the base boards
  • Empty trash
  • Clean lights fixtures and ceiling fans (within reach)
  • Sweep and mop floors

Kitchen & Cooking Area

  • Clean all the appliances (inside and outside)
  • Clean stove and stove top (including pan, burners, oven racks, and grille)
  • Clean refrigerator (inside and outside)
  • Wipe out shelves, cabinets, drawers
  • Wipe and disinfect  counter tops
  • Clean Grout


  • Scrub and disinfect sink
  • Sweep and wash floors
  • Shower and tub cleaning
  • Toilet cleaned and Sanitized
  • Clean Mirrors

Bedroom & Living Areas

  • Dust All Furniture
  • Polish All Furniture
  • Vacuum Carpet Rooms

Special Request

  • Organize Clothes (if requested)
  • Change Sheets (if requested)
  • Clean Fireplace (if requested)
  • House Sitting
  • Ironing
  • Window and Blind Cleaning

Do you need professional carpet cleaning, we can do it for you.

The Importance Of Regular, Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming their carpet and upholstery are clean just because they look clean. What they may not know is that, over time, even the most spotless looking carpets and upholstery collect germs, dust and soil below the surface. To increase the useful life of your carpets & upholstery, most carpet manufacturers recommend you have them cleaned regularly every 6 -12 months - and that could be before you even recognize they're dirty.

Do It Yourself Or Call A Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Some homeowners may choose to clean their own carpets and upholstery with either a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, home steam carpet cleaners or other portable carpet cleaning units. These options, however, may not have the power necessary to remove deeply embedded soil, dust, spots, and pet odors, and they may lack proper water extraction. Furthermore, portable units that use water may not achieve the temperature needed to properly succeed in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. The best alternative is to hire STEAM VAC, we are an accomplished team of professional carpet cleaners that uses truck-mounted equipment and hot water extraction to remove the deep down dirt.

Why is the 2-step hot water extraction the method most carpet makers recommend?

In order to get anything truly clean, you need to use water to flush out the cleaning agents and dirt. Hot water extraction is the method that uses a flushing process to remove dirt. (Imagine washing your clothes and not rinsing them.) That's what happens to carpets cleaned without the hot water extraction method. Our system uses a two-step cleaning process: a pre-conditioning cleaning solution using a commercial brushing machine to loosen soil and a combination hot water fiber rinse and a powerful vacuum to extract and remove both the cleaning solution and the dirt.

We count with truck mount professional carpet cleaning machine and our personal have 17 years of experience in cleaning carpet, You can be sure that your carpet and upholstery will be clean and looks incredible.